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Tamworth Aboriginal Medical Service - Aboriginal Corporation (TAMS AC) is a healthcare organisation dedicated to providing comprehensive and culturally sensitive healthcare to people in Tamworth and surrounding regions.

TAMS AC is committed to delivering high quality medical care that addresses the unique health needs and challenges of individuals and families.

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Tamworth Aboriginal Medical Services - Aboriginal Corporation

Our Founding Members

Pearl Trindall

Vivian Knox

Beverley Tighe

Uncle Joe Trindall

Uncle Bill Tighe

Bridgette Knox

Thomas Flanders

Catherine Trindall

Culturally Appropriate Preventative Care

Our services encompass counselling, emotional support and therapeutic interventions that prioritise the healing and resilience of individuals and families.

By providing culturally appropriate and accessible mental health services, TAMS AC strives to enhance overall quality of life and foster a strong sense of belonging and cultural connection among the Aboriginal community.

Transport Services

TAMS-AC ensures access to quality healthcare by providing transport services to people in the Tamworth region and surrounding districts. These transport services play a vital role in ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive the care they require.

By offering reliable and culturally sensitive transport options, TAMS AC aims to break down barriers to healthcare, promoting regular health check-ups and improving health outcomes.

Fees & Bulk Billing

Our services are bulk billed, ensuring that medical consultations are free of charge for individuals with a Medicare card. However, please note that certain tests or treatments not covered by TAMS AC may incur additional costs. It's advised that you discuss any potential expenses with your doctor during your consultation.

Our Promise

Our Commitment to You

The safety, welfare and wellbeing of children, young people and vulnerable adults is Tamworth Aboriginal Medical Service - Aboriginal Corporation's highest priority.

The right to enjoy a safe environment free from threats, harm, abuse, mistreatment or exploitation is a core commitment to our clients and the communities we serve.

We encourage our workforce to be personally and professionally accountable for upholding this commitment. This means we expect every member of our team to uphold themselves and others accountable, to be transparent and to learn from their experiences working with vulnerable people.

Our Values

We believe each person is important and has a voice that should be heard.

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TAMS AC delivers healthcare that is respectful, understanding, and aligned with the diverse cultural beliefs, practices, and preferences of each individual.

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Quality Care

We provide quality care that is effective, safe, and focused on the wellbeing and satisfaction of our patients, ensuring their optimal health outcomes.

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We respect the unique perspectives, needs, and backgrounds of all patients, fostering open communication, understanding, and empathy.

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Timely & Effective

We are committed to delivering healthcare that is prompt, efficient, and comprehensive, ensuring that every aspect of our services meets the needs each patient.

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